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Upcoming Events:

July 22nd: Do you support the USA? If so, come ride our shuttle to AT&T Stadium this Saturday to cheer on the US in the Gold Cup.

July 29th: Are you a Belieber? If so, come ride our shuttle to AT&T Stadium next Saturday to see Justin Bieber.

July 29th: If the millennial music scene isn't your style, come see The Pengwins live next Saturday in the draft house.


Come watch your Rangers get back in the swing of things (Rangers Schedule).

Time until Cowboys kick off the regular season:


Enjoy free music? Enjoy food, beer, or wine? You can have all the above by joing us at Levitt Pavillion Thursday-Sunday nights and coming to by our food and beverage tent. Could this get any better? Yes, 50% of beverage sales are donated to the Levitt (Levitt Pavilion Music Scheule).

Go to Contact to inquire about performance booking.